House Committee

Environment and Natural Resources Policy

Chair: Rep. John Persell (05A) 

Vice Chair: Rep. Jamie Becker-Finn (42B)

Ranking Minority Member:Rep. Dale Lueck (10B)

For more information, visit the committee’s page on the Minnesota Legislature’s website.

Current Members

Record On Conservation Issues

H.F. 2993 : Cut LCCMR Recommendations for Environmental Trust Fund Projects (March 17, 2016)

The Legislative-Citizen Council on Minnesota Resources recommended conducts lengthy and detailed hearings on proposed uses of the lottery proceeds in the Environmental Trust Fund. This amendment cuts or eliminates $8.4 million from recommended projects and adds projects that were never… Continue reading

How the Committee Voted

An “Aye” vote means $8.4 million is cut from recommended projects. Other projects that have not been vetted will now receive the funding.


H.F. 2611 : Require pollinator friendly restorations on public land (March 16, 2016)

This amendment would protect pollinator habitat by requiring that lands acquired with Legacy Funds cannot be restored or treated using pollinator lethal products. The committee voted against this amendment.

How the Committee Voted

A “No” vote means pollinator lethal products are not barred from use on Legacy lands.


H.F. 2611 : Transfer Legacy Project from White Earth Nation to DNR (March 16, 2016)

The Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council recommended funding for the White Earth Nation to Protect 2,000 acres of forest that protects a critical wild rice resource. The amendment would prevent the White Earth Nation from managing the land and transfer it… Continue reading

How the Committee Voted

An “Aye” vote means the White Earth Nation will not be allowed to manage the land acquired in the Wild Rice River watershed.


H.F. 2611 : Cut Legacy Funds for Forest Protection in Pineland Aquifer Area (March 16, 2016)

The Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council recommended $5.5 million to protect forest land from conversion in Central Minnesota where increased potato farming has threatened water supplies. The recommended project would have preserved the land for forestry and kept it open for… Continue reading

How the Committee Voted

An “Aye” vote means the project in the Pineland Aquifer region loses 70% of the recommended funding. Less forest land will be preserved and kept open for public recreation.


H.F. 846: Uphold wild rice water quality standard for sulfates (April 18, 2015)

A provision in the proposed House environment omnibus bill would prohibit the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency from applying a wild rice water quality standard for sulfate until the agency designates waters subject to the standard. Wild rice is found in… Continue reading

How the Committee Voted

The amendment is not adopted and the House omnibus bill includes the provision to suspend enforcement of the wild rice standard moves forward.


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