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Molly Pederson, Government Affairs Director

You’re back, and so is the Line! Just in case you didn’t catch us last year, the Line is a light, 100% Minnesotan look at all things environment at the Capitol as seen by me, a lobbyist who doesn’t actually spend that much time outside. Last year, the Line gave out its fair share of “You Betcha’s!” to our heroes and “Uff da’s!” to the people and things we think, well, missed the mark. As always, I’ll include a list of bills “Caught at the Capitol” each week and give you the scoop on how they impact our water, land and air. Keepers…reel ‘em in! Otherwise, toss ‘em back!

Today marks the Line’s 2012 debut, so consider it a work in progress….look forward to more graphics, fresh nuggets of information, and even our favorite video clips of you and your colleagues in committee and on the floor. We’ve created this with you in mind, so send me your feedback and suggestions, and even the name and heroic deed of a colleague who deserves a “You Betcha!”

Finally, please don’t confuse the Line with the always enjoyable musings of the other, taller half of Conservation Minnesota’s government affairs team, John Tuma. You can (and should!) check out his blog here.

<h2>Caught at the Capitol this week</h2>
On Tuesday, both the House and Senate Environment Committees are hearing <strong>HF 1923 (O’Driscoll)</strong> and <strong>SF 1560 (Pederson)</strong> which eliminates the water conservation rate structure. The rate structure is a common sense way for cities to curb peak demand. Since studies show that our groundwater isn’t recharging as fast as it’s being used, we need to keep the rate structure to encourage conservation and avoid future water supply problems.

<em><strong>CM’s  position on the repeal: Toss it back!</strong></em>

Also on Tuesday, the Senate Environment Committee is taking up SF 1567 (Ingebrigtsen) which looks like more rollbacks to environmental review and permitting. We’re most concerned about the expanded role of consultants paid by applicants and the diminished authority given to unbiased agency staff in approving environmental permits.

<em><strong>CM’s position: Toss it back!</strong></em>


<strong>Coming Up Next Week:</strong> Things that make you go “hmmmm….”

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About Molly Pederson

Molly brings expertise in communications and organization to us. She draws on her breadth of experience in the political, nonprofit and private sector realms to build broad support for issues. She’s a veteran of local and state campaigns Molly is an avid reader and has undertaken writing her own novel. Her interest in clean water and open spaces is a personal one as she enjoys sailing and cross-country skiing.
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