Recent Legislative Votes

    HF5: House Omnibus Capital Investment Bill (Special Session)

    (May 25, 2017) The House Omnibus Capital Investment bill appropriates money for the acquisition and betterment of public lands and buildings… House Voted Yes

    HF 5: Senate Omnibus Capital Investment Bill (Special Session)

    (May 25, 2017) Several significant conservation-related appropriations were contained within the bill, including: -$116.9 million for the Public Facilities Authority to help local communities with wastewater and drinking water… Senate Voted Yes

    SF550: House Appropriation of the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund Money

    (May 18, 2017) The LCCMR selected 69 projects totaling $59.1 million to recommend as the “LCCMR bill” to the 2017 Minnesota legislature. A House committee deleted 21 projects recommended by the LCCMR, cutting over $17 million… House Voted Yes

    HF888: House Amendment: return lead shot rule making authority to DNR

    (March 30, 2017) The underlying bill, the House Environment Omnibus bill, contained a section that forbid the DNR from regulating lead shot or lead ammunition on public lands… House Voted No

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