Toxic Free Kids Act 2014

Healthy Legacy’s policy agenda for the 2014 legislative session is advocating for passage of the Toxic Free Kids Act of 2014 (TFKA), which builds on current law that required the creation of a list of nine priority chemicals in children’s products. The nine chemicals include hormone disrupting phthalates and bisphenol A, carcinogenic formaldehyde and neurotoxic flame retardants, cadmium and lead.

These chemicals are found in an array of children’s products like clothing, furniture, toys, personal care products and school supplies.  Usually these chemicals are not on the label, so it’s almost impossible for consumers to know what chemicals are used in the products they buy. Unfortunately the chemicals found in products make their way into our homes, our drinking water and ultimately into our bodies. Chemicals linked to cancer, reproductive problems and developmental disabilities are routinely found in kid’s bodies.

TFKA does not regulate these chemicals  but requires that manufacturers report if they are using a priority chemical in a children’s product. Passage of this policy will give parents access to information on which children’s products contain priority chemicals, so they can make safer consumer choices. TFKA will help state agencies and parents take important steps to protect children from unnecessary exposures to toxic chemicals.

Conservation Minnesota is excited to be supporting Healthy Legacy with this legislation, click here to learn more about our partnership with Healthy Legacy.
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