The Line: Happy First Deadline Week!

This week on the Line

Molly Pederson, Government Affairs Director

Oh, First Deadline Week, we’ll be glad when you’re a distant memory. This week’s Line is a two-part series. Today….bills that are DEFINITELY up this week. Tomorrow, we’ll send along additional bills that are added to the calendar, and brief you on the fun that might still come.

Caught at the Capitol this week

Do you want to spend every waking moment sitting in committee and on the floor approving every single rule that every single agency adopts? To give you an idea, there’s a rule to define “babysitter.” There’s another rule that outlines how napkins can be used. Or how about that rule governing how sandwiches are labeled in convenience stores? What? Watching paint dry would be more interesting? SF 575 is up Monday in State Government. Ole says: Toss it back!

SF 1511 is a $3.6 million appropriation for a pipeline to Lake Superior that will allow businesses along the Gunflint Trail to stop drawing water from the Poplar River. It’s up Monday in the Capital Investment Committee. Ole says: This one’s a keeper!

If SF 2339 passes, opening a feedlot will be easier (and cheaper) than joining a gym. You can end the madness by voting “no” on Tuesday in the Agriculture Committee. Ole says: Toss it back!

HF 2164, a.k.a. the mother of all omnibus environment policy bills is up in State Government on Wednesday. From forbidding the state from adopting water standards that are more protective than the (nonexistent) federal standards to granting automatic approval of “minor permits,” this bill has dozens of provisions that make it easier (and cheaper) to pollute. Ole says: Toss it back!

Proponents and opponents of SF 1664 and HF 2084 might need Doc Brown’s time travel machine in order to be two places at once. The bill that makes it darn near impossible for cities to end or alter contracts with waste haulers is up on Wednesday in House Civil Law and Senate Local Government. Ole says: Toss ‘em back!

Remember the Great Lakes Compact? We joined that with all of the states and Canadian provinces bordering the Great Lakes to stop the diversion of that water to other parts of the U.S. and the world. Governor Pawlenty was so excited, he made Minnesota the first state to adopt it. We even got it ratified by Congress! Yeah, apparently proponents of SF 2004, up on Wednesday in the Environment Committee, think we should be able to sell water from Lake Superior anyway. See ya, other Great Lakes states and Canada! Ole says: Toss it back!

Coming up tomorrow: Part Two!

What is the Line? It’s Conservation Minnesota’s light, 100% Minnesotan look at conservation happenings at the Capitol as seen by me, a lobbyist who actually doesn’t go outside very much. Please don’t confuse the Line with the always enjoyable musings of the other, taller half of Conservation Minnesota’s government affairs team, John Tuma. You can (and should!) check out his blog here.

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About Molly Pederson

Molly brings expertise in communications and organization to us. She draws on her breadth of experience in the political, nonprofit and private sector realms to build broad support for issues. She’s a veteran of local and state campaigns Molly is an avid reader and has undertaken writing her own novel. Her interest in clean water and open spaces is a personal one as she enjoys sailing and cross-country skiing.
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