2014 omnibus energy bill makes progress on energy efficiency and renewable energy

Representative Hortman and Senator Marty were the chief sponsors of the energy omnibus bill (HF 2834) which was signed into law by Governor Dayton on May 16, 2014.  The new law includes a number of provisions that will encourage energy efficiency and renewable energy, including:

-On-bill repayment for clean energy projects. This bill enables utilities to allow customers to repay a loan for clean energy projects in installments on their monthly bills.

-Utilities to conduct long range emission reduction planning. Utilities will now share their long term plans beyond the 15 years currently required in statute, enabling them to more realistically plan for ways to achieve the state’s carbon emissions reduction goals.

-Residential charging for electric vehicles. The state’s three largest utilities will now offer their residential customers the option to charge electric vehicles using renewable energy at a reduced “off-peak” (e.g. overnight) rate beginning in Spring 2015.

-Encourage wind power. The bill removes an unnecessary hurdle for wind projects to be built in Minnesota that will serve customers in another state.

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